Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quote of the Day - Jessica Yellin Edition

He made the case that the media has made to much of this.  To be honest he has never been a crusader on social issues, so you can't argue he is being a hypocrite, you know a morality hypocrite, you know all evidence we've seen he didn't break the law, so that raises the question is this getting too much media attention? 
 Jessica Yellin on Congressman Weiner's undie photo. 

So, if a republican had his account hacked and a photo of someone in his undies was tweeted to college aged girl, it would be problem?  Gotcha. 

I don't know if the photo is him or not.  I think I read recently that he has finally come out and say that the photo is not of him.  Why it took this long for him to do that is beyond me. 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He said."I don't know if it's me."

I have taken and sent photos like this to all of the Democrats in Washington. I can tell you when I took them, what I was wearing, who I sent them to, and the caption underneath. In other words, he's a lying Democrat horses ass ... but then isn't that what we expect?

Just a conservative girl said...

Is this a TMI moment? Not sure I want to know what you wearing in those photos!!!!

Love Ya though.

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