Monday, June 20, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing? Obama Impersonator at RLC

Reggie Brown, an comic who now makes his living off playing Obama on stage was part of the entertainment at this past weekend's RLC in New Orleans.  The reactions seem to be somewhat all over the place.  Most of what I have heard is that he forced from the stage.  It does look like it may have been cut short, but I am not sure how time they allotted him. 

I have seen Reggie before on The Huckabee Show.  He is somewhat amusing and does do a good job with Obama's voice and inflection. 

MSN is portraying this that RNC only decided to pull him when he started to go after the hopefuls for the nomination.  Which isn't true, he got in quite a few zingers at the expense of Newt and Romeny.  He also did get in a few at Pawlenty as well.  It sounded like he started to bring up Michele Bachmann when the lights when down. 

I saw on Black and Right an all out attack on the leadership conference for allowing this type of comedy to be done on a stage that is showcasing republican ideals.  The site feels that it continues the narrative of racism and bigotry as principles of the republican party. 

Now, I didn't find his jokes to be racist.  But, I am not black and I realize that in certain cases black and whites see things in terms of race differently.  The joke about only celebrating half of Black History month wasn't funny, but I don't take it as offensive. 

But, I have a facebook friend who happens to be black and she found this to be a very funny bit.  She said she was glad that the GOP was showing a sense of humor.  So, I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. 

What I have a feeling this all comes down to is the fact that the left will use virtually anything to further their narrative that people like me are racists and homophobes.  But because they will use virtually anything it then makes it impossible to joke about the President at all.  That is something that we can't by and accept.  This president deserves to be the butt of jokes unlike any other president in recent memory has been.

I would like some clarification on if he was indeed pulled because of content or was it simply a time issue?  If it was content, what exactly did they find objectionable and why? 

Here is the full clip, I guess you can make up your own mind on what transpired in New Orleans.

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