Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quote of the Day - Linda Weiss Edition

But he didn’t return my messages. I discovered that Anthony is a bad man… and a liar.”
Linda Weiss - One of Anthony Weiner sexting Partners. 

Yet she goes on to say this:

“I am a Democrat, I think he is a wonderful congressman and I hope this doesn’t hurt his career. I am still a big supporter of his, despite all of this.”

Only a liberal.  Heaven help us if this is the mindset of the people in Weiner's district.  We get the government we deserve.  And what do we deserve when we continue to support a man who is having phone sex in his office that is paid for by tax payers, and then say he is a wonderful congressman?  I guess truth and integrity are no longer needed to be a congressman. 

1 comment:

LL said...

While I find it morally reprehensible that Congressman Weiner is texing women nationwide, sending photos of his tool and his sunken chest, the LYING - and MORE LYING about doing it makes it worse.

If Weiner did:

(1) On his own time, not in Congressional hearings.

(2) And didn't lie about doing it.

Nobody would care -- but that's not what he did.

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