Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Weiner Must Resign - This is More Than Sexting

Anthony Weiner must resign and do it immediately. The reasons for his resignation really have very little to do with the sexting. It is everything that has followed the sexting that is so disturbing. I personally don't really care if he emailed a picture of his bare penis and an undies shot. I find the whole thing to be sick, but I am not his wife, so ultimately it isn't my business.

What makes it impossible for him to stay is the pathology behind what he has done since the Brietbart announced the news of the undies shot. For someone to be taking these types of risks says something about the type of person they are. This is a man who has a pregnant wife, yet he is still sending out sex shots to an unknown college co-ed that is half his age.

He then lied about it. Not just to cover it up to the press, but to everyone. He even admits he lied to wife about it. He lied to party leaders, he stood in front of cameras and lied to them. He had reporters in office who he lied to. He lied to his staff. Staff that by the way who work very hard for him. People who have jobs on the hill are very dedicated to the cause of their party. Which ever side of the aisle that may happen to be. They work very long hours at times and are usually fiercely protective of their boss. The fact that he lied to them is deeply troubling to me. As a person who knows full well how hard most of the staffers work, I have a great deal of sympathy for them. They must feel very betrayed.

But he also allowed the press to beat up Andrew Breitbart. But, I guess to him since Breitbart is just some lowly conservative, who cares? Allowing him to be collateral damage was nothing to him. One of the "friends" of the congressman has spoken to the press and said that she felt that since he was hiring a private investigator, the investigator was digging up dirt on the women. He knew it was him that sent the tweet, so there would be no reason to hire anyone to look into who sent the tweet. He was looking to do damage control to his own reputation and to hell with the women that he dragged into this mess. She felt forced to come out to the press and tell her story, so it would be her narrative that got out there. That was the only thing she had control over. She is a 26 year old woman. Her privacy has been violated. I don't have a great deal of sympathy for her, but she had to know that something odd was going on when a married congressman was messaging you daily.

The porn star has come forward and is asserting that he offered Public Relation services for her. Basically he wanted her to lie for him. This man is pathological. This is a man who is given very sensitive information about national security issues and many other topics that require security clearances. This is the man we want to have this information? He put himself into a situation to be blackmailed.

This is a man who lied so easily to everyone for almost two weeks. He played the victim instead of taking responsibility. He has asked reporters that he knew well and had good relationships with to write positive stories about him before he 'fessed up. He put their professional reputations at risk for his own over blown ego.

The man cannot be trusted and should not be allowed to stay in congress. It isn't about the penis shot, it is about trust. It is about integrity. It is about the responsibility that comes with the job. It is also about his pregnant wife. If he truly does love her as he says he does, then he needs to put her and their unborn child first. It will say a great deal about what type of man he is if he chooses to continue to put this type of stress on his pregnant wife.


hometown guy said...

And he got colleagues to stand up for him, based on lies to them, tarnishing their credibility as well. If i were his friend right now, I... well, I guess I wouldn't be anymore.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well Guy, I am glad to hear. Far too many on your side of the aisle are justifing this and saying it is a personal matter.

It no longer was personal when he went all over the media claiming to be a victim.

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