Tuesday, December 13, 2011

They Told Me if I Voted for John McCain Children Would Be Living on the Streets. Turns Out, They Were Right

Homelessness for children is rising in a dramatic fashion in this country.  Since Obama has taken office the rate of homeless children has increased by 33%.  

At the First Light shelter in Birmingham, Ala., the fastest-growing group is women with children, executive director Ruth Crosby says. She says the emergency shelter, which houses about 125 women and children, is full every night. An overflow room with mats on the floor fills up every night, too.
Sadly, not all of these people bringing these children to the homeless shelters are not single parents or people who have lived in poverty for long periods in their lives.  
Shelly Jordan, a case manager for the homeless in Hattiesburg, Miss., says it has become common for two-parent households or families headed by professionals to turn to the city's lone homeless shelter.
 "People had savings or unemployment and that's run out," she says. "This is their last resort."
Although, the government is not reporting this number.  The federal government is reporting only a 28% increase.  The reasons for this is that they don't count everyone.  Sort of like the unemployment number.  

The economy in this country is driving countless people to the streets and our government is having an argument over a payroll tax break that will have little to no effect on improving the job market in this country.  Without an improving job market, these families will have to stay in these shelters, or tent, or cars, or where ever they happen to be spending the night.  


Gee, I wonder if this would be getting more headlines if George Bush were still in office. 

You can read the report here.  If you want to read a blog by someone who has been homeless for months and how she is dealing with it, go here.  


RSS Ronald Reagan said...

Thanks for the link to the new blog. While I managed to avoid dipping down to the level this poor blogger did, we got close. Thankfully, I'm working now...but in the Obamatopia, who knows how long that will last?

Just a conservative girl said...

I am happy to hear that you are working again and keeping yourself afloat. It is tragic that so many in country today are not.

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