Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do You Talk to Your 8-Year-Old about Your Sex Life?

I didn't think so.  I don't have one, but I can guarantee you if I did I wouldn't be talking about it with them.  Michele Bachmann is currently promoting her new book Core of Conviction - My Story.  During a book signing a young boy leaned over to her and said:
"My mommy's gay, but she doesn't need fixing."
I realize that gay is something that young children through around when they have nothing better to say when they are trying to hurt someone else's feelings.  But, the reality is an 8 year old doesn't really understand what that means.  Children are curious and ask questions.  But a child that age will usually be fine with a simple explanation, some families have two mommy's or two daddy's whatever the case may be, and they don't require any further information. 

This is how this is being characterized in the media:
The candidate, who is an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage, met her match with the soft-spoken, pint-sized activist
 Pint-sized activist?  You really expect me to believe that an 8 year old went up and said to his mom, hey mom, I heard that Michele Bachmann is in town for a book signing.  Could you please drive me over there so I can tell her that there is nothing wrong with you, even though you are gay?  

This is a woman who decided to use her own child to score cheap political points against a woman who believes that gay marriage is wrong.  The same gay marriage that has been voted down every time it has been put on a ballot, including in very progressive leaning California.  

Oh, and they just happened to have someone video tape it for them too.  

I could care less that this women is gay.  What I do care about is the fact that she is willing to exploit her own child for her own self interests.  Shocker, she is part of the occupy movement.  Remind me to add her name to the Mother of the Year award.


hometown guy said...

Whether it was the kid's idea or not, it was inappropriate for the mom to allow it to be filmed, and sleazy if it was her idea. I think there's pretty broadly felt distaste for this video regardless of political leaning.

Just a conservative girl said...

Really Guy? go look at the comments on You Tube. Some consider her a hero. She praises her son in the description of the video. This woman is sick and shouldn't be raising a child.

Just a conservative girl said...

Also, guy it wasn't just that she allowed it be filmed, it is that she took him there in the first place. The filming is secondary.

Anonymous said...

You are spot on JACG. Also, how can anyone even begin to think that having your child's face go viral on youtube is in their best interest? Please pray for that child.

Anonymous said...

The Republican candidates need to learn this question from Thomas Sowell:

If polygamists were not allowed to redefine marriage to suit themselves, why should homosexuals be allowed to?

Because that's all they are really asking for; just a redefinition of the word marriage.

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