Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Strange World of Google Search Part II

Eva Longoria is most definitely not a conservative.

I have never seen the 19th century Christmas card with the words spelled out in sexual positions.  If one such card exists, I will not be posting it.

Is Ronald Martin playing the race card?  I think the better question is when does he not play it?.  That example would be harder to find.

Yes, I believe that Allen West's wife is black.  Why do you care?

Is Sandra Bullock a conservative?  Don't know, but she won an Oscar for a portrayal of one.

What do conservative girls want?  I would think that depends on the girl.

How much does Viagra cost?  I don't know.  I would assume that depends on your insurance coverage.  I do know that a school system in WI refused to give up the benefit so some staff was laid off.  After all, it would have been sexist to not allow it.

Is President Obama rich?  I guess that would depend on how you define rich, but I would say by most people's standards yes, he is rich.  He is the 1%.

Why Romney would be a great president?  You won't be able to find that answer here.  Sorry.

Someone actually hates the Secret Layaway Santa.  You, my friend, are sick.

1 comment:

Opus #6 said...

That layaway santa hater went too far. I'm with you on that, lol!

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