Thursday, November 19, 2009

WTF - President Obama's Comment to our Troops This Morning

On his way home from his trip to Asia early this morning, the President stopped at Osan Air Force Base in South Korea to meet with the troops.  They were of course excited to see the commander-in-chief.  Here is his response

"You guys make a pretty good photo op," the president said.

Nice.  Can you imagine what the press reaction would be had President Bush used these words?  This is a very disrespectful view of the people who voluntarily put thier lives on the line to protect our nation.  We need to stop politicizing the troops.  We need the brave in order to remain the land of the free. 
This statement was put into a blog article in the Washington Post about the announcement today that the decision about troop levels in Afghanistan will not be made until after the Thanksgiving holiday. 


Fredd said...

Are any of us surprised? This guy just doesn't get it. I have 10 years of active duty under my belt (some decades ago), but I cannot imagine how our soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen and coast guard regard this completely clueless jerk.

I served as an enlisted guy during the Jimmy Carter administration, and we all thought very little of the guy. I think our current forces think even less of this current 'Commander inChief' than we did of the peanut farmer way back then, and that is a staggering concept to me.

Conscious Observer said...

One could say at least he's honest, but then again he's not honest on anything else.

This leader has no respect for any branch of our military and it's a real shame. He doesn't get what they do and sacrifice for ALL of us, including him and his family.

I'm sorry for our troops. He's blown them off before and he'll do it again. But thank The Lord they have their dignity and job at hand. They won't be distracted or deflated by his lack of patriotism.

Sick of the Idiots said...

I wonder if he could be placed under arrest by our military. Don't they pledge to protect the country from all threats, foreign AND domestic?

Opus #6 said...

Obama's statement was disgusting.

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