Thursday, November 5, 2009

CNN's Blog Comments on Tea Party Coverage

thousands demanstrated in washington.cnn where is the pan out pictures thousands thats a pretty large crowd.lets see these thousands of TEA BAGGERS.COME ON GET YOUR REPORTERS ON THE GROUND.I THINK THOUSANDS IS EXAGRATED. SHOW US  You want to see mine?


If these "christians" are "living examples" of Christ, He would let those living in poverty and without health insurance, die.

This is the reason we can't get anything done: ignorant, angry, paranoid bigots who are afraid of change. Were you saying this when dems didn't go along with President Bush? 

Don't listen to them. Keep the fire-hose on stand-by if they get to rowdy, and don't cover it. Adults throwing temper tantrums aren't news.

You notice that every day its the same rightwing heckler using many names on here.Shes an escaped mental patient thats sits home all day thinking of things to say and do against her government.

Bachmann is as much an idiot as Palin and anyone who believes them couldn't be too bright.either. I hope these are just typo's, because otherwise you shouldn't be saying anything about someone being bright. 

Hey Republicans it's turn abouts fair play, when you held the majority in the House and Congress the Democrat didn't have a prayer either of getting their BITE IT!! The last poll I saw was that 58 percent of Americans supported this Health Bill and today AARP and the American Medical Asso. are behind to bad.......all you Republicans are looking out for just yourself and not the needs of the rest of the people in this country who need Health Care.......and all we can see is that you are continueing to put up Road Blocks for this administration.......the Party of NO at it again !!!!!!  Ok, 1. Republicans can't stop this bill.  Blue dog democrats are what is keeping it from passing.  2. The AMA only represents about 10% of all doctors.  3. The AARP is going to make a small fortune by selling the policies that will take the place of Medicare Advantage that is going to be gutted by this bill. 

Are all these protesters independently wealthy: or stay at home moms/dads: or did they take the day off work to protest: or are they currently unemployed and taking advantage of the extended unemployment benefits and at the same time protest government spending???????????? Yes, we took the day off from work. 

These Teabaggers are getting quite pathetic. It appears no election is good enough except when they win. Why not try yo become that "loyal opposition" the Democrats were for the previous 8 years. What world is this person living in? 

A MAJORITY of Americans are in favor of a Public Option. Not from the polls I have seen

The AMA has signed on to the bill as written.

AARP is on board.
Who's left out? Big Insurance, Big Pharma and their supplicants. No, sorry; big pharma is on board.  The president gave them all kinds of goodies

When you get 2 million people, let us know, we'll listen. But until then, STFU, you were beat and you are worthless dirt bags (obviously with no jobs too). If 10 million showed up outside your house, you still wouldn't believe it. 

I support health care reform. The health care bill cost needs to be reduced to $900 billion or below, but otherwise, I support it. As far as people being arrested, whatever happened to the law and order conservatives? The law shouldn't apply to them? They should be glad there weren't dogs and fire hoses. People were arrested for trying to speak to someone in Nancy Pelosi's office.  She called the police on Americans instead of sending an aide out to talk to people. 
um, I am sorry, but michelle "NUTJOB" bauchman is CRAZY! Shes dangerous and scary. She is like beck and limpballs trying to start violence in this country! SHAME on her, and honestly, she should be put in a cage! Oh and video guy, the country DOES respect Pelosi, and get used to her, she is NOT going anywher! Ok, first you need to spell her name correctly.  Bachman is a true conservative who speaks her mind, not a nut.  Pelosi's approval rate is lower than 30%


Left Coast Rebel said...

Nice work, I love going right to the gutter-level to see what the nutroots are saying about a topic. What you found here is no surprise, in fact it is quite encouraging. If they weren't saying much I would be concerned. I look forward to your pics too! Keep me posted on the proxy details as well...

Opus #6 said...

I agree. That they are blathering wildly shows their desperation. Good work!

Writer X said...

I wasn't aware that CNN had any viewers left, much less an audience. Whenever I need comic relief, I tune to CNN.

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