Monday, November 9, 2009

Stimulus and Lies

The California papers have done some investigation. While that in and of itself is headline news, what they found is also interesting. $268,000,000 was spent on teacher's jobs across the state. They (the government) have said that this saved more than 25,000 jobs. Let's forget for a second how much money we are spending per job, a closer examination of the so-called saved jobs finds that more than 1/4 of them were never in any danger.  

Just tell us the truth. Where is this money going and how is it affecting the everyday person? If this is the formula for all the stimulus spending we are in deep trouble. The money is being wasted and the government continues to lie and is working over-time to cover it up. Where is the transparency and the accountability that we were promised? What about broke doesn't this administration not understand?

Hat tip to the California papers for looking into this. It is refreshing to hear that the lame stream media is actually doing its job.


Keri said...

Anyone in CA could have told you this was BS. Every year teachers get pink slips because there is no money. Education gets a huge amount each year and it has NEVER decreased from year to year. However that is never enough for the DOE. I could go on and on about the problems here and with CA education.

Conscious Observer said...

Keri is right. This year we've seen approx 20,000 lay offs, I read some 1 billion dollars in EDU budget cuts have been imposed, and we've got some school districts having teachers buy school supplies for some of the K-12 students, while the state is demanding their pay cuts.

The fighting beteen the teachers union and the CTA aren't helping get the job done...Which is to provide education for our children!

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