Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Narcissist in Chief - The Cult of Personality

On The White House website they have a photo gallery with photos that they highlight for the month. Here is one that they themselves decided needed to be highlighted.

Any person who wants to be President of the United States is arrogant. There is no way you could not be. The awesome responsibilities that come with making the decisions that are made in that office are, to say the least, over-whelming. To believe that you could do a good job at it, you must have a great deal of self-confidence that crosses over the border of arrogance. But, this one really takes it to an entire new level. This picture doesn't deserve to highlighted. This picture shows that the President has a cult like following that isn't healthy in our government. We are a government of "We the People" not about worshiping the dear leader.

I fully understand that people of color never had a chance to vote for someone that looked like them in the past, but this is a middle school student. This kid doesn't have a point of reference to the past. This kid is growing up in different country than his parents and especially his grandparents did. This is idolatry pure and simple. President Obama should be embarrassed that he is idolized in this manner. He also should realize that our country is bigger than the office of the presidency, even while he is sitting in it.

h/t to Conservative Teacher


The Right Guy said...

The idiocy has no racial bounds. This has been a problem from the beginning. Here is an interesting take on his narcissism.

LL said...

Obama revels in hero worship. He's a narcissist and I believe he needs to be treated for it - clinically.

It's bad to have a president with as many weaknesses as he has. It's not a racial thing - it's a Barack Hussein Obama Jr. thing.

The Right Guy said...

If you go to the narcissism link I put up, it's pretty persuasive.

Conservateacher said...


Great post. You said it in so many fewer words than I!

As far as arrogance goes, might it rather be "fortitude" and "resolve" a president needs to possess? Remember when we met Jim DeMint? I believe Jim would not be an arrogant president, because he relies on Almighty God instead of self. Perhaps the best example modern history provides is Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Williams said...

Outstanding article Kim!!!
It's unbelievable that they would put that on the white house website. Imagine if the Bush administration had done such a thing. What's worse though is that a great number of Americans continue to drink the Obama kool-aid and see no problem with such idolatry.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

President Obama visits New York's Macy's Thanksgiving parade and gives New Yorkers a treat

President Obama while attending the Macy’s parade received such accolades from the adoring New York City liberal crowd that soon his head began to swell and he started to float above the parade. A quick thinking parade organizer used ropes to tether the floating Obama and the crowd got a real treat when Obama joined the parade, much to the delight of his liberal admirers. The floating Obama was such a hit that the parade organizers are considering including Oprah in next years parade, if she don’t gain too much weight.

Teresa said...

Great Post!! This is a great example of the stupidity of people and the lengths they will go to show that they idolize Obama. Obama should be embarrassed by this photo. Just another example of his narcissism.

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