Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Retailers and Political Correctness - AFA List of Christmas Friendly Major Retailers

If you do feel that retailers are becoming too politically correct in regards to Christmas, here is a list that has looked at the advertising for the upcoming sales for the Christmas season. They primarily are looking at ads for Christmas decorations such as trees and lights. Another good way to figure out how retailers feel about Christmas, look at their gift cards, if you cannot find one that says "Merry Christmas" they have made a decision that political correctness is more important.  

Companies FOR "Christmas"

updated 11-10-09

Bass Pro Shops
Bath & Body Works
Bed Bath & Beyond
Big Lots
Collective Brands
Dollar Tree
Family Dollar
Dollar General
Hobby Lobby
Home Depot
JC Penney
Michael's Stores
Neiman Marcus
Rite Aid
Super D Drug Stores
Toys R Us
Wal-Mart/Sam's Club

Companies marginalizing "Christmas"

updated 11-10-09

Best Buy
Hy-Vee Stores

Companies against "Christmas"

updated 11-10-09

Advance Auto Parts
Barnes &; Noble
Braum's Ice Cream
CVS Pharmacy
Dick's Sporting Goods
Gap Stores
Harris Teeter Stores
H.E.B. Stores
Home Shopping Network
Limited Brands
Office Depot
Olive Garden
Outback Steakhouse
Radio Shack
Victoria's Secret


brando said...

who really cares if a company is "for" or "against" it? christmas is like Wonder Bread: it will definitely fill you up, but it is tasteless and empty of nutritional value. just another chance for businesses to sell you crap you don't need with money you don't have.

Keri said...

If I am going to be spending the money, I'd rather it go to a store more in line with understanding what that we are celebrating Christmas.

kid said...

Thanks for giving me a list of people that support being racist to black folk. I will promptly put it on Daily Kos.

BTW, happy Kwansa

hometown guy said...

I'll stand by for the list of stores FOR "hannukah." Or do you only care about the Christian holiday?

Just a conservative girl said...

The symbols of Hannukah don't get pushed out of the public square. Not to say that thier are not issues, obviously there are. In New York you can put up a menorah, but no symbols of Christmas. One school system has a holiday room that the kids can go and pick out gifts for thier parents. You are not even allowed to have green and red wrapping paper. One woman defending this asked what would stop someone from donating a swatiska. She is comparing santa and candy canes to a symbol of hate and intorlance. I think that you should be able to have symbols for both holidays. You don't see anyone trying to change the name of the Jewish holiday symbols. It is sad that a Christmas tree would be called anything but a Christmas tree. The tree is used to celebrate Christmas. On top of the fact that the tree and lights have no religous meaning. It is simply a traditional/cultural symbol. We are supposed to be free to worship in this country. Let everyone celebrate thier holidays with thier symbols, it in no way takes away from my holiday celebrations.

hometown guy said...

you're not talking about letting people celebrate their holidays OR about the public square OR about schools in this article, you're talking about retailers being FOR or AGAINST "christmas."
now, i don't know what world you're living in, but everywhere i go from about the end of november through the end of the year, there is Christmas stuff EVERYWHERE - trees, wreaths, lights, etc. and it's great, i LOVE christmas. is it not like this where you live?
is this something to be outraged about?

Just a conservative girl said...

Yes there are trees and lights everywhere. But the point being what are they called? Do they specifically tell thier employees to not say Merry Christmas? Do they only carry gift cards that say happy holidays. Many retailers will have a gift cards that say Happy Hannukah but will not sell ones that say Merry Christmas. That type of bias is the point of this list.

Several years back Target banned the United Way ringers outside thier stores, simply because it is considered a Christian based organization. The United Way helps anyone who needs it, they don't care about your faith.

Even if you don't agree with it, devout Christians feel that the holiday in it's religous context is under attack. That perception is thier reality, and people having "Holiday Trees" only goes to help prove that perception. What other holiday do you decorate an evergreen/fir for?

brando said...

You are really a curious Christian creature, conservative girl. If Jesus was around today how much importance do you think he would allot to the fact that gift cards say "Happy Holidays" as opposed to "Merry Christmas" and people having "Holiday Trees" as opposed to "Christmas Trees"?


The marketplace will always worship the Almighty Dollar no matter what the gift cards say anyway. So I suggest you relax, give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and be glad you and your loved ones can celebrate the holidays in any way you wish.

I'll take you seriously about your feelings of being persecuted when they start feeding you Christians to lions during half time of the Super Bowl.

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