Friday, November 20, 2009

The $100 Million Bribe - Harry Reid Pulling Out All the Stops

On page 432 of the Senate Health Care bill contains the nugget "certain states recovering from a major disaster." In order to qualify for this the state must have been declared a disater area in the past 7 fiscal years.  While Lousiana is not the only state that has had that declaration; notice the wording "certain states".  ABC News has been told that this line is directed only at Louisana and the wavering Senator Mary Landrieu.  Sen. Landrieu has been dodging the question of what she will or will not support.  She seems to be against a public option and federal dollars being used for abortion. 

This money will be almost impossible for her to turn down.  New Orleans and Louisana's outer parishes are still struggling to recover from Katrina, so it will be hard to explain why she would turn down funds to help people who lives were devasted.  It seems that she is being put into a very bad position.  This is bribe, there is no other word for what is going on.  Her choices seem to be allowing herself to be blackmailed by her own party's leadership or vote her conscience. 

The congress, at some point, will have to explain why it is building in bribes into legislation that effects 1/6 of our economy and will have a major impact on every person living in this country. 

Could this be the reason that approval ratings of congress is in the low teens?  How can they not see this is the reason for the tea party movement.  We have had about enough of congress doing what is good for party and to heck with the American people; their employers.  A very sad commentary on how our government works. 

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Opus #6 said...

This is the libs new version of transparency. Bribery out in the open.

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