Friday, November 20, 2009

Arrogance or Honesty? - Indian Study of the Himalayas

The deputy director general of The Geological Survey of India has released a report on the glaciers of the Himalayas. The United Nations Climate Change Panel (IPCC) has called him arrogant. Why, you ask? The 60 page report used data that has been collected for the past 60 years on the amount of ice from the glaciers. The report states that the evidence is not there that the glaciers are retreating.  

The IPCC is a panel that has been appointed by the UN's political arm, Greenpeace, and the Environment Defense Fund. The report flies in the face of the worldwide mantra that global warming is reaching a tipping point and must be addressed immediately or we are facing a worldwide catastrophe. The amounts of ice on glaciers around the world are constantly being pointed to as reason to pass legislation such as cap and trade. To further muddy these waters, people on this commission have also submitted data and reports that also show that the global warming community is using data that is incomplete or just outright incorrect.

Recently, the panel has also teamed up with Former President Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta. John Podesta has written editorials for the United States tax dollars to be given to poorer countries to help them establish "energy efficeniecy goals". One of the countries that Podesta believes we should be giving money to is China. The issues of China making decisions about working towards these goals have nothing to do with not having the money to do so. They lack the political will. The Chinese are unwilling to slow the growth of their ever growing economy on science that still remains inconclusive.

John Podesta is now a lobbyist. The companies that he lobbies for stand to make a small fortune if these types of policies pass. This in turn, will make him a very rich man as well.

This report and other collected data is calling into question the UN's assertion that The Himalaya's glaciers only have 25 years left before disappearing. The United Nations continues to prove that it is not a non-partisan body that is out for the good of all. It is uses it platform to push its own agenda. That agenda is a far left liberal one that is full of appeasement, corruption, and bigotry. So that leaves one to question who exactly is it that is arrogant, the scientist who has decades of experience studying these glaciers, or The UN?


Opus #6 said...

Oh, those inconvenient facts!

Jessica said...

It seems that more and more people (and countries) are starting to ACTUALLY look at data, and are beginning to question these 'inconvenient truths'.
Too bad Progressives will only smear anyone who questions them, instead of being intellectually honest with themselves.

Fredd said...

I'm thinking that the Global Warming bunk will eventually collapse under the enormous weight of the facts, of which this Indian study is only one of many.

Yes, the damage that liberals can do in the short term is frustrating, expensive and outrageous, this too will end. Just like Paul Ehrlich's 'Population Bomb,' remember that way back in the 1960's? All the world's populations were going to multiply and all die of starvation by the 1990's, as I recall.

And recall that idiot actor Ted Danson's dire prediction in 1988 that the world's ocean's would be devoid of life in 10 years unless we acted immediately?

What all these doom and gloomers have in common is that their bunk comes to the light of day and lose all credibility once their predictions turn sour.

Writer X said...

When the name-calling starts, then you know the UN has nothing to debate. What a waste of taxpayer money.

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