Thursday, July 16, 2009

Times They May Be A Changin'

Readers of my blog know that I live in Virginia. This is an election year for us. Our state legislator and governorship is up for grabs. This is an election that will be watched across the country as it is touted to being a measuring stick of the Obama policies. Virginia electoral votes went to President Obama, this was the first time since before I was born that it went to the democratic candidate; President Johnson was the last democrat to win. Virginia has been known as being a conservative southern state that is turning bluer as years go by, in political circles it is considered purple. Both Senators and our Governor all true blue liberal democrats. You may have heard about one of our Senators; Jim Webb. He has a son who served in Iraq. While at the White House he told President Bush that how his son was doing was none of his business. I am so blessed to represented by such a polite man. Although the suburbs outside of DC are very liberal, and are a highly populated area of the commonwealth, I think times may be a changin’. We may be seeing a resurgence of conservatives’ policies here in Virginia. I would like to introduce some of the candidates running in Virginia from time to time. Here is a little information on two such candidates:

Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds are running for governor. Bob McDonnell is a staunch conservative that recently stepped down as attorney general to concentrate on his election bid. Creigh Deeds is a more conservative type of democrat from a rural area of the state. He is against gay marriage (although he has said that his views are “evolving”), supports the 2nd amendment and is tough against crime. These two faced off four years ago in the attorney general race. Bob McDonnell is ahead in all the polls, and it looks like he will defeat Mr. Deeds again. But the interesting part of this race is how conservative the democratic candidate is, I guess he would be described as a blue dog. Creigh Deeds beat out two candidates for the nomination, one of which is a liberal that would make President Obama proud.

We have a very interesting candidate running for a delegate seat. Her name is Sasha Gong. She is running in the Virginia 46th district. She was born in China, taught herself English, and her family was forced from their in home in the city to a rural farming area. She became a writer who had the audacity to question the government on human rights issues, which got her a year in a Chinese prison. She has lived in a totalitarian regime and understands what happens if the government becomes too powerful. Her life story is very compelling. She made her way to the US to study for her PhD at Harvard. Lucky for us, she has been able to stay in this country and has decided to run for office. She is a tough lady that will bring some common sense back to government and is all too aware of how dangerous and oppressive big government can be. Check out her blog on you can read an incredible letter written to republican women. Sadly, I don't live in her district, but I am doing what I can to support her candidacy.

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Opus #6 said...

Good luck with those elections. I see this country heading in a conservative direction. And none too soon.

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