Thursday, July 23, 2009

Conservative Girl Adventures

Mr. Rubio spoke with everyone and was very willing to have his picture taken. This is woman who is from Russia and is worried about the direction this country is taking.
We had a great view of the Capitol. It was a humid evening, but it was nice to stand out of the balcony and look over at the Capitol Dome and the park.

I was very impressed with Marco Rubio. We need this man in the senate. I hope that Floridians realize what a good man this is.


The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for posting the photos and your comments on Marco Rubio. Is that Senator DeMint in the first photo? Beautiful shot of the Capitol.

Conservateacher said...

Nice work on this blog! Obviously you put tons of time and thought into this blog.
Remember when we met you at the Capital? My new blog is
Twitter ID is

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