Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Apology Made. A Lesson Learned? Maybe not

Claire McCaskill apologizes for her staffers calling the police on tea party protesters on July 17th.

“I still regret the way we handled the protest, and hope that all those that want to express themselves feel free to protest peacefully at our office anytime. We will make every effort to meet with your representatives and hear your concerns. While we did talk to 7 folks on Friday, I wish we could have greeted everyone at the beginning and brought part of the group in for a meeting right away. I think we learned from Friday and will do better in the future. In return I hope those that are protesting refrain from banging on the windows and doors continuously. Thanks so much.”

Hey Claire, if your staff didn't lock the doors, draw the blinds, and refuse to talk to them they wouldn't have been knocking on the doors!! There is a little something in this country called the Constitution, we have the right to protest. It is not so much to ask that our representatives actually listen to our concerns, we do pay your staff's salary. Hey, we pay yours too!!

You work for me. It may be a good idea to remember that.


Opus #6 said...

They forget that "the rabble" is their boss.

Euripides said...

Shameful behavior. At least they could have sent out the sacrificial PR person to field questions. The problem with that is, these people know they are wrong for their leftist and statist views of government. Now they don't want to own up to how much they've screwed it up.

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