Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey Joe

Vice President Biden today was defending the stimulus plan. Addressing the critics to the stimulus plan he asked what would they do.

Well, since you asked Joe:

I would not spend millions to replace toilets.

Instead of giving GM money, why didn’t we just send a $20,000 voucher to every American family that makes under $75,000 for an American made car? It would have helped the car industry, the car industry vendors and the American people all at the same time and I am sure it would have been cheaper. If GM couldn’t make the company work after that, they go into bankruptcy. Oh wait, they already did that.

Instead of writing into the bailout legislation for AIG that bonuses would be paid out, I would have given that money instead to the agency that gives loans to small businesses. They are on the brink of insolvency. Where is their bailout Joe? The majority of jobs are created by small business.

I would not spend money funding an eco-passage for turtles in Florida.

My question to you Mr. Vice President is why did say that people who were opposed to the stimulus package wanted to do nothing? Why is it all or nothing with you and President Obama?

Instead of understanding the concerns of the American people to the far-left pork buffet, you ask if we would prefer that broken bridges don’t get fixed or police officers get laid off. Why does the government always take away money from education and the like instead of foregoing the spending on skateboard parks? Or even better Joe, what about the money that is going to a field mouse in Speaker Pelosi’s district? We could have done without that spending.

What I would have done Joe? I would have insisted that every member of Congress understand what they were voting on. I also would suggest that the President understand it as well. I would also think that taking your time to do it correctly was more important than doing it quickly. Hey maybe you can use that logic with the healthcare debate.

I would not be spending money on putting farmer’s markets in lower income areas. Buying fruit and vegetables from a Farmer’s market is very expensive. People in lower income areas cannot afford the prices. I would spend the money instead on helping urban areas attract big chain supermarkets. That will drive the prices down in those neighborhoods which will allow them to afford healthier foods.

Joe, I would also admit that spending money on walking and biking trails, while a laudable goal, will do nothing to stimulate the economy.

But that is just me.


LL said...

Biden is an idiot. He's being told what to say because he's not able to formulate the problem by himself - even though he was the "recovery czar".

We all know it's about Obama's Chicago Machine style politics and the first rule there is to pay off the people who put you in office through graft and kickbacks. It's how it's done in the Windy City. And Washington understands these things.

And if the inspectors general get too hinked up - no problem. Simply fire them. And keep firing them until you find one who sees things your way.

By the way, what ever happened to Vince Foster? Remember him from the Clinton White House?

Opus #6 said...

I don't expect much out of Joe. Helps me not to be disappointed.

Les Carpenter III said...

Yeah Joe Kind of reminds me of Dan Quayle. Only thing is Dan is actually the greater intellect. But Dan took a beating and Good Ole Joe for the most part gets a pass with the media.

Some good points "just a conservative girls", keep up the good fight. I doubt Conductor Obama, Caboose Joe, and Usher Pelosi will pay much attention, but lets keep their feet to the fire nonetheless. I don't believe the socialist/Marxist change this administration is pushing is the change America was looking for.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

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