Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cap & Tax Update - Something You Can Do - Please Join Us

We are setting up local "tea parties" across the country. These are designed to show the senators our displeasure with the cap and tax legislation. Please go to your Senator's local office on Friday at noon to have your voice heard.

* When: The protest will take place on July 17th at 12:00 noon.
* Where: Simultaneous protests will take place at Senatorial offices around the country Calling all patriots!
The Senate will be voting on "Cap and Trade" and nationalized health care in the coming weeks. We need to try harder than ever before to stop these oppressive policies from being signed into law! Get out there and remind your elected officials that the government works for you and if they stop working for you, then you will “Vote Them Out”! Less Spending. More Freedom. Let’s show our elected officials that we are NOT in support of passing legislation that would result in the largest tax increases in our history. Not only will these policies steal our hard earned money, they will also take away something more precious…our freedom.

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