Monday, June 22, 2009

Things that make you say hmm

ACORN is changing it's name to Community Organizations International. Yes, that will solve the problems.

ACORN is suing the members of ACORN 8 and past whistleblowers.

5 of the top 10 attorneys (including the Attorney General himself) at the Justice Department cannot work on Guantanamo detainee issues due to conflict of interest problems. They represented 17 detainees while working for Covington & Burling. Who exactly is working on these issues then?

Approx. 200 Yemeni detainees will be sent from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has a record of letting them go once they are "cured". Also, Saudi Arabia was put on the US List of countries that violate human rights one year ago. We can't keep them in Cuba because of human rights violations, yet we will send them to a country that does torture? This is respecting human rights?

Jennifer Daskal a new employee at the justice department sat in at a meeting at the white house for the families of the victims of the USS Cole bombing. Jennifer Daskal is a former attorney for Human Rights Watch. Her job there was to work for the release of the terrorists at Gitmo. Can you say conflict of interest?

During this same meeting the justice department was unable to tell the victims families definitely if we are at war with al Qaeda.

Rick Maya resigned his position of executive director of St. Hope. In his letter of resignation he talked about Mayor Kevin Johnson's ethical violations. These are the same violations that the fired Inspector General Walpin's report charged. Seems to back up the charges in Walpin's report. The FBI is now investigating for obstruction of justice charges due to deleted emails that were under subpoena.

The US Naval ship that is following the North Korean ship that may contain nuclear components is named USS John McCain. Does anyone else see the irony in that?

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