Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Apology Made

Last night David Letterman made a second attempt at an apology to the Palin family. His first attempt fell way short. It lacked sincerity and understanding. His 2nd attempt hit the right cord. I had heard on the news that the apology would be airing on last night’s show, so I decided to watch. I felt that his apology was indeed sincere and did contain the empathy needed. It may very well be that he finally looked it as a parent and not a liberal leaning comedian.

Another refreshing point that came out of this was some openly liberal women also have come around. Even Joy Behar from the view finally said she understood that Governor Palin was reacting as a mother and not a politician. I believe that was the point many people missed. Sarah Palin is a mother before she is a Governor. Anyone who has children should understand that you don’t mess with the babies, no matter what age they are.

I guess a cynic could ask the question how much the pressure that has come down on Mr. Letterman had to do with the apology last night. It may very well be it had much to do with it. We will never know as we are unable to look into his heart. That is a question that only David can answer. I, for one, am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If Mrs. Palin can accept his apology, who am I not to?

The greater point for me has always been the fact that conservative women are far more likely to be attacked in this fashion. The National Organization for Women did finally make a statement. It took them days to do so, and it is not an easy statement to find. I had to really look at their website to find it. Once I did, I was very disappointed in the content. It ended by bringing up some sins of conservative men from days gone by. This behavior should not be condoned regardless of political association. The Women’s groups in this country need to realize that just because a woman has conservative views, she is still a woman and deserves just as much respect as a woman who happens to have liberal points of view.


Charmaine @ randalswife said...

I totally agree. I am so incredibly sick of the double standard of most liberals and especially the liberal media. Of course they aren't the only ones guilty of it, but they sure do stick out more.

Sarah said...

Agreed. Now if you haven't already read it, find a copy of "Guilty" by Ann Coulter. She goes into example after example of the way these groups that are 'for everybody', until they find out the people are conservative. It could get ugly in a few years Great post and thanks!

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