Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some things to make you say hmm

Hugo Chavez recently stated that President Obama is more liberal than he is.

President Obama recently stated that it is ok for Iran to use Nuclear Power. Iran is sitting on loads of natural gas and oil.

So it is ok for Iran to use cheaper and cleaner Nuclear Power, but we can't?

VP Joe Biden - the gift that just keep giving - introduced Gov Corzine as the next President of the United States. Then continues his introduction saying Corzine will be the one to clean up New Jesey. Hmm, isn't he the one that has been screwing up for the past three years?

President Obama is closing the prison at Gitmo, because we "torture", but does have a policy of rendition. So it is not ok for the US to use waterboarding in very narrow circumstances, yet we can send people to countries that have clear records of torture and human rights violiations.

Al Gore has made $100 Million from a hedge fund for green companies. Hmm, climate change sure is profitable.

The U.S. is one of the world's largest Muslim countries. Really? I had no idea.

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LL said...

I never thought I'd see eye-to-eye with Hugo Chavez on anything. But it seems there is one thing we agree on. Even though he's a National Socialist, Chavez can recognize one of his own ilk, all be it one more extreme than he is.

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