Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cap & Tax 8 - It is time for you to go

Here is a letter that I will be sending to Chairman Steele. I will be sending to NRCC Chairman Sessions, and to the now infamous Cap & Tax 8. My plan is to hand deliver copies to the Cap & Tax 8. Please join me in sending these letters. They need to know that we are mad as hell and won't take it anymore.

Michael Steele
Republican National Committee, Chairman
301 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Chairman Steele:

I am very disturbed about the Cap & Tax bill that recently passed in the house. As you are aware, this bill is going to be very damaging to pocketbooks of all Americans. As a donor to the RNC I am on your e-mail list. I did not receive an e-mail from you when this bill was going up for a vote. I feel that your office has fallen down on your responsibilities to keep us aware of what is going on.
This bill is nothing more than yet another tax on Americans that we cannot afford. We are being taxed to death and are quickly becoming servants to the government that is supposed to be working for We the People. The congressmen who voted for this bill have forgotten who they work for. Me.
Above and beyond that transgression what is the most disturbing is the fact that this tax would not have passed without the help of 8 so called republicans:
Chris Smith – NJ has had a consistent record of voting with the democrats since they have taken control of the house.
Dave Reichert – WA has many union affiliations and liberal voting record.
Mary Bono-Mack – CA has more liberal leanings based on her voting record.
Mark Kirk – IL plans on running for a seat in the US Senate.
John McHugh – NY voted yes on stimulus package, a badge of shame.
Frank Lobiondo – NJ who wrongly considers himself part of the Reagan Revolution. President Reagan never would have voted for such a bill.
Leonard Lance – NJ ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility. There is nothing fiscally responsible about this bill.
Mike Castle – DE has a liberal voting record. It is time for him to find another line of work, or join the ranks of Senator Specter.
These 8 are an embarrassment to the values of the Republican Party. They have let down the voters of their districts and have let down the party. By passing this piece of legislation they have also let down Americans across the country. While we all realize that you cannot make anyone vote a certain way, you still have power. As re-election campaigns cost money. The funds that are raised by the national party as well as the RNCC need to be cut off for these people. They are not deserving of them.
I realize that this can turn the seats over to the democrats, but let us not be naïve. They are already voting as such anyway. What republicans across the country are requesting is that you find solid fiscal conservatives to run against these people in the upcoming primaries. We have had enough of republicans that have forgotten what the party stands for. We are looking to you for leadership and to find candidates that stand by fiscally conservative policies and have the backbone to resist the arm-twisting that is going on. We are no longer going to accept republicans that are really just democrat light. Our country is heading into a dangerous direction at lightening speed. Please put the money that people like myself has donated to you to better use than to re-elect congressmen that do not have the fiscal interests of the country at heart.
We are putting you, Chairman Sessions, and the Cap & Tax 8 on notice; we are mobilizing. Social networking sites are abuzz with the disgust we have towards the antipathy the party is showing towards our concerns and values. The tea parties will continue; and make no mistake they are directed at you as much as the democrats. Please advise the house members that they need to forgo the Dove Bars that are being given out in the speaker’s office and concentrate on getting the country’s fiscal house in order.


Just a Conservative Girl.

CC: Pete Sessions, Chairman NRCC
Chris Smith
Dave Reichert
Mary Bono-Mack
Mark Kirk
John McHugh
Frank Lobiondo
Leonard Lance
Mike Castle


RightKlik said...

Great letter. You're on my "great minds like a think" blogroll.

Just a conservative girl said...

Thanks rightklik. I hope you send a letter!! We need to give them piles of mail to get our point across.

The Conservative Lady said...

Great idea. I'll link to this on my blog.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Awesome letter, you go! BTW, you have inspired me on a post on the theme of CA, thanks sooo much for the link, wait until you see what I have tomorrow! Also, thanks for reading and supporting LCR!

goddessdivine said...

Good for you! I just hope these eight are thrown out of office.

Andrew33 said...

We have never formally met, I am Andrew 33, co contributor of KOOK's blog. we are on a crusade to bring about the extinction of the sheeple. I really enjoyed your posts on LCR's blog. You are obviously very smart and your comments are well thought out. I will be joining your blog when I finish this post. PLease come check out KOOK's blog and feel free to give us your opinions whether you agree with us or not. We want dissenting opinions. We ant to know where we are wrong so that we can learn where we can do better next time. My cat that is my avatar as Keemo, she is 12 Asian Leopard, 1/4 Margay (S.American and 1/4 domestic and is always right here with me watching the screen also. I hope you will join us with your insights and I will do the same for you.
I am glad to see so many women getting active in politics. We need your perspectives and we need to break the stereotype that is so common that all women are liberal. You are proving that you think for yourselves despite what the "media would have you think.
Thank you (A.D.33)

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 60 This post is a suggested read at,

Wendie said...

I had hoped Michael Steele would be a strong leader for the RNC. I was wrong. You however, are absolutely right to let the RNC know that they're on notice. I'm joining you with a letter to them as well.

Just a conservative girl said...

Thanks so much for joining me. I am still a little on fence about Michael Steele. He has accomplished some good things. He has brought the party forward with the technology. They are starting to embrace twitter and the like. But they need to take a stand with the out of control spending.

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