Monday, June 15, 2009

Things that make you say hmm

Dick Durbin, the number two democrat in the senate, sold $116,000 in investments last September. The day after he and other top senators were briefed by Ben Bernanke about the major banks needing a bailout. Interesting.

The non-partisan congressional budget office has estimated that the health care bill in its current form, will cost $62,500 for every person who is uninsured in this country. Wouldn't it be cheaper to send them a check to purchase private insurance?

President Obama has stated that he may be taxing company provided health benefits. Didn't he pummel Senator McCain for the same thing during the election?

41% of Americans consider themselves conservatives.

The President heard loud groans today while speaking to doctors. He is unwilling to put any caps on malpractice suits. A major cost for doctors is the high rates of malpratice insurance. How can you lower costs without lowering malpratice insurance rates?

VP Biden thinks it is possible that elections held last week in Iran were fraudlant. You think?

Terrorists (oh, sorry - providers of man-made disasters) are getting miranda rights when picked up in Afghanistan. Did they just stick up the local Safeway?

The recently released Chinese Muslims said they were better off at Gitmo than in China.

Rev. Wright clarified his statement. He didn't mean "them jews", he meant the Zionists. Ok, that makes all the difference. Thanks for clearing that up.

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