Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things that make you say hmm

Pay as you go. The new mantra from the President. Notice that there is no talk of stopping any of the additional entitlements, which means tax hikes. How else would you pay for it? So much for no new taxes. The country is going in the same direction as California. Lucky us..........

The UN is debating new sanctions for North Korea. Yippie. They have not worked for the past decade, what makes them think they will work now?

Over the weekend, the President's former pastor, Rev. Wright, made a statement to a Virginia newspaper "..them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me..." Nice......but the president didn't spend 20 years sitting in a church with a racist. Wasn't Jesus a Jew?

GM has told dealerships that are closing that they need to sign a gag order. If they do not sign this order they will lose the warranty on all existing inventory. If the government did this to them, they can do it to you.

A new study was just released: Conservatives are more likely to read and watch news programs with opposing points of view.

In another study, journalists almost exclusively read liberal blogs. Shocker........

A federal judge in NY pleaded guilty to 6 felony counts; including sexual misconduct against two female co-workers, will collect his salary for one more year. This is while he is in prison. A really good use of our tax payer dollars.

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Left Coast Rebel said...

Great points here, I saw the Wright flap about Jews, not a peep in the media on that. Also, could you give me the link for the study showing that conservatives are more likely to listen to opposing views, and that journalists only read liberal blogs? I haven't seen that. BTW, nice blog, I am following! Hope to see you at the Left Coast Rebel. I hail from CA and like you say, I oppose the Obamanation because he is a federal CA...

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