Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The United Nations and Freedom of Speech

The United Nations has recently passed a resolution making derogatory comments about Islam illegal. Above and beyond this being unconstitutional in this country, where is the outrage against defamatory language against Judeo/Christian values and beliefs? Hatred of Jews is taught in many Muslim countries as a matter of course.
Textbooks in Saudi Arabia call Jews pigs, Iran has rallies calling for the death of America, and the President of Iran also is a holocaust denier. There are legions of people who were born in Lebanon and Jordan who are not citizens of any country. They are taught to believe that Jews are living in their rightful homes and are evil. Which in some cases the argument about land has merit, but it doesn’t change the fact of what they are raised to believe; that Jews are bad.
There is a Muslim school in Alexandria, VA that is funded by Wahhabists from Saudi Arabia; the text books were translated into English and some very disturbing trends came to light. The children in this school were not being taught tolerance of Judeo Christian values, let alone the United States. The country that the majorities of these children were born in and are citizens of.
Theo Van Gogh was murdered for making the movie Submission, his partner in the movie Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been living in seclusion since 2004 and has security that is provided by the Dutch government. A cartoon critical of Islam was released and people were killed. Rushdie wrote a book and had to be put into protective custody so that he wouldn’t be killed. Several years ago the magazine Rolling Stone did a cover of Kenye West with a crown of thorns. This picture was very provocative and insulting to certain Christians. No one was killed over it.
When will the UN address these issues? When will the UN stand up to the governments of Lebanon and Jordan and tell them that the camps that have kept generations of Palestinians in are illegal, immoral and demand that these people be given full citizenship?
The United States gives the largest amount of funding to the UN by far. While I don’t think that we in anyway deserve advantages over other countries, but it should allow the United States to have sovereignty rights to its own laws and constitution. The UN was set-up to help ensure that the rights of all citizens across the world are protected. Even those in the United States. I feel that it may be time for the US to consider if continuing to fund an organization that is no longer interested in the rights of free speech for all people is really a worthwhile investment.


LL said...

We should have distanced ourselves from the UN many years ago. The present issue about making any criticism of Islam a crime is but one in a LONG string of outrages. However when we have a president that bows to the king of Saudi Arabia - I strongly doubt that you'd find any support for your opposition to this matter within the walls of the White House.

Let's face it, while the current president says he's a Christian, if you can call the Jerimiah Wright church "Christian" - he spent his formative years in Islamic schools in Indonesia and has a very soft place in his heart for Islam.

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

I couldn't agree more.

TJSharky said...

The UN has not been relevant in so long, it is hard to believe anyone takes them seriously anymore. Whenever something needs to be done that makes the UN squirm, they contact us through back channels and have us do it. I believe that if the UN is getting involved in anything, it's not worth the effort.

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