Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gitmo and Me

Jim Moran (D-VA) has announced that he feels that his district will be able to take the detainees from Gitmo after it closes. Lucky me, that happens to be my neck of the woods. But the more troubling part of this, it is literally about 20 miles away from the White House.
There is a federal courthouse in Alexandria, VA that has the ability to house prisoners that are awaiting trail. This is the same courthouse that had the trial for the 20th hijacker Zaccarias Mossaui. The mayor of Alexandria is none too pleased at this announcement. During the time of the trial, the security costs were astronomical, an entire wing of the courthouse had to be closed off, traffic in an already heavily travelled area was made worse by all the road closings and the never ending amounts of media covering the trial. All of this was done for just one prisoner. What would the affects be if several hundred prisoners came?
This courthouse is in downtown Alexandria, within walking distance to two of the metro lines, an Amtrak stop and the new federal Patent and Trade building. Very close to Reagan airport, the Pentagon and downtown Washington DC. This is an area that is very heavily populated with government employees. Sounds like a good target to people who want to do the US harm doesn’t it? Does anyone think this a good place to house Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11?
President Obama now has information that candidate Obama did not. It seems that this promise is going to be harder to keep than he once believed. Congress owes all American citizens a thorough investigation about where these prisoners can be held before the closing of this prison can even begin.

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