Sunday, May 24, 2009

Supreme Court Nominee Short List

Leah Ward Sears
Sonja Sotomayor
Elana Kagan
Kathleen Sullivan
Diane Wood
Janet Napolitano

I cannot imagine after the war veterans need to be watched as potential terrorists memo, Napolitano can get approval from the senate. But strange things are happening these days so who knows.

Rumor has it that an announcement could come as early as Tuesday.


LL said...

Clearly Napolitano would have the toughest opposition from the general public when you consider her stance on the definition of "domestic terrorist". I don't know the others but I expect that the rest of them are less than desirable simply because they're being put forward by the Obama Administration as nominees.

Chuck said...

Bill Kristol is saying Jennifer Granholm, made a strong case.

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