Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear Madam Speaker

Dear Speaker Pelosi:

I am writing to you about all the different statements you have made about the torture issue over the past month. Frankly, I am a little sick of your excuses and half-truths. It has become glaringly obvious you knew about it as far back as 2002.
The months after 9/11 the people of this country were frightened. We did not know when it would happen again nor did we know if it would be an even more deadly attack. We were dealing with not only with the aftermath of that attack; we were also still reeling from the anthrax attacks.
Our federal government was rightfully designed to move slowly. In the aftermath we left that principle behind. We had knee jerk reactions; such as the patriot act. The goodwill between parties began to fade and we were back to politics as usual and the finger-pointing about where to place the blame had already begun.
I understand that the people in your district are some of the hardest left in the entire country, and would be unhappy about your knowledge of the cases of water-boarding. But, I doubt that they are happy about your current excuse making and possibly out-right lies. Some of the CIA spokespeople have publicly stated that techniques were described in considerable detail with slide shows to boot to 40 people; you among them. You have since had 13 votes on this issue and said not one word. Just last week you said that you had Jane Harmon write a letter. Why you didn’t write the letter yourself is beyond my comprehension. But be that as it may, just admit you knew about it and move on.
Many democrats at that point in time were willing to give the former administration and our agencies that are tasked to protect the American people a little slack. Rightly or wrongly that was the mind-set at the time.
For the good of everyone, just admit that you knew about it. The American public is not so stupid that we don’t know half-truths and excuses when we hear them. Please admit that your current stance has more to do with your hatred of former President Bush and your desire to keep your district happy than it does with the feelings you had at the time. Some may not forgive you, but I personally would have more respect for you if you were just honest about it and then we can all move on.

Just a conservative girl.


Opus #6 said...

I can see her mind calculating, just how much of this lie can I get away with?

Jessica Wilkerson said...

I think she has lied and tried to convince herself, that the drivel that is coming out of her mouth is somehow the truth..

Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

I hope truth prevails...and that journalists will actually report the facts..

Have a great weekend!

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