Thursday, May 21, 2009

And Sarah Palin was called too stupid to be VP

Vice President Biden recently disclosed where the "undisclosed bunker" that is used during a national emergency is. With the press present no less.
I guess it isn't so undisclosed anymore.
Isn't this a violation of some law? I would think that this is highly classifed information.
To make matters worse, a member of his staff released a statement saying he was talking about a home office that Cheney used to have meetings in, that his wife Jill Biden turned into an additional bedroom.
Which is worse, that he can't tell the difference between a home office and a bunker, or that he talked about the bunker in public?
No wonder they sent him off to the Balkans.

1 comment:

LL said...

He's called Slow Joe for a reason.

Widely viewed as the dumbest man in Congress (not the most senile, the biggest dim-wit), Joe was the right man for the CHANGE I COULD BELIEVE IN.

The press hated Sarah Palin - and now we know why. She wouldn't have given them the address and tour of the top secret bunker.

However now we know when somebody attacks that Biden will be taken out with the first shot. At least that's SOMETHING.

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