Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Nuts are Out

A mother in Canada has taken her own nuttiness a tad too far.  Donna Giustizia, a mom of two is trying to get all the oak trees near her child's school removed because of nut allergies.  The school itself is nut free (which was mistake number one) but the school property gets acorns from the surrounding trees.  Her solution is to remove all the oak trees in the area.  

Now this from the director of Allergies and Asthma at New York University Hospital
“There’s no relationship between acorns and peanuts,” Bassett said. “If people have food allergies, they need to work with an allergists on prevention, avoidance and preparedness. People with food allergies need to be careful and have a plan.”
But this mother doesn't appear to be willing to give up.  She also says:
She appeared before the Vaughan, Ontario, City Council last week to plead for the removal of the trees, saying : “The acorns are not only presenting a risk to the tree-nut-allergic students, but it is also becoming a great cause of anxiety among all students with nut allergies.” Giustizia also said, according to The Star,   that “acorns can also be used to bully and torment children.
Luckily, she isn't suggesting that entire town cut down their oak trees, just the area near her child's school.  
So, the school system is preparing a report to address her issues.  For what purpose is beyond me.  There is no scientific link between acorns and human allergies to nuts.  So this school system is going to use limited resources and funds to research a problem that doesn't exist all to please one over protective zealous mother that doesn't have any idea of what she is talking about.  What I find so comical about her testimony is that she already prepared an alternative reason for getting rid of the acorns, as they are a bullying tool.  

If I were sitting on this school board I would be telling this mother to take those acorns and stuff them where the sun doesn't shine and I would charge her for the time that she wasted.  I am sick to death of people taking their obscure and often wrong ideas and expecting the entire world to bow down to what they want.  No child is going to die due to being near an acorn.  Get over yourself lady.  

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