Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanks for the Pick Me Up

I got this via email.  I needed the pick me up, so thanks very much.

The GOP needs to do some re-examination. The re-examination I am talking about is going to be a little different than many on the far right who think Romney simply lost because he wasn't conservative enough. The demographics in this country have changed. The party needs to show these demographics what they have to offer. Something that some I know resist. It is time to rethink that.”

Thank you for all you have done and for your comments above. My children (high schoolers) were running late this morning because of our family discussion based on what you expressed.

I, like you, am conservative. Some say VERY conservative. I understand the demographics of the country have changed. I also feel that my conservatism needs to be married with the people in the Republican Party that aren’t AS conservative. It doesn’t mean that I will give up my conservative values, just that I appreciate the need to unify the party – somehow.

Please don’t be upset with me, but my observation is that, while appearing to support President Obama, Bill Clinton unified the Democratic Party. When I heard Bill Clinton speak, I felt that he wasn’t really on board with the President, but he could bring his party together to support him because the President had a “D” by his name. Bill Clinton’s job was to unite the Democratic Party - vote “D” no matter what. And even though Bill Clinton denigrated every aspect of what it means to be President and you would think he would be shunned, I think he did unite the “Ds”.

You have your finger on the pulse of conservatism more so than many of us (that’s why your blog is important). After you have time to digest the election, I would be curious to know if you think that the Republican Party may have been hurt by the PERCEPTION that we are not unified as a party. Also, who do you think would be able to appreciate how the changing demographics of the country is affecting the Republican party? I am going to chew on those questions myself.

Thank you again for all you do for the love of this great country.

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