Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Drudge Hints at "Bombshell Tape" - Election Game Changer? - I Think Not

Apparently President Obama made some sort of speech while still a senator.  It is purported that he says:
  'Need help with basic skills, how to shop, how to show up for work on time, how to wear the right clothes, how to act appropriately in an office'
If they are expecting that to be a game changer, they are fooling themselves.  I can think of a million examples of the people on the left thinking that the rest of us need government to tell us how to run our lives.
Here is just a short list of things I can think of off the top of my head:

  1. Michelle Obama editing a web page that describes the proper way to grocery shop.  After all, you are too much of an idiot to be trusted with that chore on your own.
  2. Mayor Bloomberg making certain sizes of sodas illegal in New York City
  3. The Chicago school systems (among others around the country) not allowing parents to pack little Johnny a lunch.  After all, you may not do it right.
  4. The video that Reason TV did at the Democratic National Convention where one of the woman said we should have choice as long as the outcome is "good" and the government should have a say what those choices are.  You are too dumb to decide for yourself what is a good choice, you need them to help you decide.  
Look at how people have just sat down and shut up when trans fats, salt, and sodas were taken away from them in New York City.  I will tell you what, if a public school tried to tell me that I couldn't pack a lunch for my child, I would be there with pitch forks and torches.  Since that doesn't seem to happen, people just allow the government to make these choices for them.

The people on the left will not only not see anything wrong with that statement, they won't understand why I object to it.

A game-changer?  unless there is something more, hardly.

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