Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quote of the Day - Commenter on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

With all the right wing conspiracy theories floating around the internet and airwaves, no wonder some people are tricked into believing there is some sort of secret fund that will solve all their financial problems.
A comment on the story about the hoax that some saps are falling for that they too can get some Obamacash to pay their bills.

Hmm, right wing conspiracy.

Some headlines:

Number of people claiming federal disability insurance payments is now HIGHER than New York City's entire population of 8.25 million

USDA uses Spanish soap operas to push food stamps among non-citizens, citizens [AUDIO]

Graves Says Obama Is Gutting Welfare Reform

Yes, it sounds like a right wing conspiracy to me too.  After all, we are not creating a environment that people are living off the government more and more everyday.

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