Friday, April 29, 2011

A Wedding Fit for a Queen

The Future King and Queen said their I Do's this morning in a very lavish ceremony.  She looked just lovely and the two do seem to be really in love.  It is nice to see that Queen and Prince Charles allowed William to have a private life and marry someone based on love instead of pushing him into marrying some more "suitable" based on tradition. 

I just love her dress; understated elegance. 

William did his Mummy proud.  Princess Diana is smiling down on them today.

Oh, then there are these two.  Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.  Love the hats?  No so much I think.


The Conservative Lady said...

All the best to William & Catherine. As for his 2 cousins...this isn't very nice but I thought of the 2 ugly step sisters in Cinderella. What's with those hats?

Rotti said...

Fergie probably put them up to that to spite the Royals for snubbing her.

I loved everything, from 4 a.m . til the second kiss. Guess I'm still a romantic at heart

Just a conservative girl said...

Sadly, they always dress like that. That is the reason that I looked for a picture of the two. Obviously they inherited their mother's style. Or lack thereof is more like it.

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