Monday, April 11, 2011

Ho-Hum Romney for President

Today Mitt Romney announced his exploratory committee for a run for the GOP nomination.   Did you know that today is the fifth anniversary of Romneycare?  All I can say is NEXT!!!


Tony said...

I agree with you that his announcement is a non-event, and he will be forever tainted by RomneyCare. That being said, if he is the eventual nominee I will support him as it is imperative that we defeat Obama. I just hope he isn't the nominee.

LL said...

It has nothing to do with his system of religion, or even RomneyCare -- he doesn't energize the base. He doesn't have a track record (like Chris Christie for example) of taking on ----anyone, for any reason. He's a tepid politician and we have enough of those.

Kid said...

Do you believe they ran a story today about how New Hampshire Dems Love Romneycare ?!?

Hey A******s, Ask Massachusetts !

Unreal. Romney must go. Huck must go.

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