Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Questions for President Obama

While this is an exercise in futility as I will never get close enough to ask the president some questions, but I still think that these are some important questions that someone should ask him. I sincerely would love to have answers to these:

  1. As a professed Christian you know that God does not say our lives are going to be "fair". Why do you believe that you or the government can make it so?
  2. You have publicly stated that the constitution is a document of "negative rights". If there were to be changes to make them "positive rights" wouldn't you be opening up the American people to having their rights change at the whims of whatever party happened to be in charge? Wouldn't it be so that what the government can give you they also have the right to take away?
  3. You believe we should be making investments to our public education system. The system is currently broken, I think we could all agree on that. If money were the only issue why do other countries spend less per pupil and have better results?
  4. Until our public school system improves why are you opposed to giving choices to parents that have children in a school system that is failing them? While the money being spent per pupil has grown, the test scores have stayed stagnant or have lowered. How long do these parents have to wait?
  5. You believe in societal safety nets for the poor. Do you believe that some families that are now reaching the second or third generation of poverty and public assistance are actually being helped by the current system which seems to have them living in generational poverty?
  6. Both you and your wife have publicly stated the need for family values and the virtues of the family dinner table. Some public school systems are now giving three meals a day to students. Don't you think that think that this is damaging to the family unit and interferes with the bonding time between parents and children?
  7. If children of very poor families qualify for food stamps and for the free food programs in public schools aren't the tax payers paying twice to feed the same child?
  8. You say that you don't need additional tax cuts, yet on your most recent tax return you deductions lowered your rate by more than 10%. Why didn't you skip the deductions and pay the full 35%? Wouldn't that have been the more patriotic thing to do?
  9. Do you think it is "fair" that people like Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, who are both multi millionnaire rock stars, to take farming subsidies for raising bees, which lowers their property tax rates to below people who have much less property? Shouldn't these subsidies be used only for people who are trying to make a living farming?
  10. I am a fiscal conservative. I believe in small, limited government. You, two former presidents, and other high level people within the democratic party, which you head have called me a racist for being a member of the tea party and being against the expansion of government and the unprecedented spending that have taken place since you have taken office. Do you really believe that fiscal conservatives would approve of your policies if you were white? If not, don't you owe me and other tea party members an apology for calling us racist?

 I have many more, but I thought this was a good start. What questions would you ask?



Ronald Williams said...

These are outstanding questions. If only we could make him answer them

Tom said...

Good questions!

Debbie said...

Those are excellent questions. There are so many we could ask him, but he would either not answer or simply lie as he does so often. Sad situation.

Some days I get so frustrated with the situation, with the RINOs, but I still have hope we can turn things around.

Right Truth

Lisa, An American Mom said...

GREAT list! Some of these I hadn't even thought of before. Nicely done.

Kid said...

Good questions.

I'd ask him what provable experience he has to be in the top executive position of the world. Hint: He has none. Zero.

In fact, I think his official symbol, the O with the rainbow, I think is actually a zero. It's a well known psychological trait that people will leave a hint, return to the scene of the crime, etc. I think he (or someone) was telling us he is a zero.

Hugh said...

Great questions. You should print them out and snail mail it to the White house. I'd be curious to hear how he or his staff would answer. If you get a chance you should read this column by Charley Reese. I think I will print this out and send one to each of my Representatives.

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