Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unions now Targeting Target

The unions have decided to go after Target to force them to unionize.  You know there is a reason that every large retailer that unionizes goes out of business.  They can no longer stay price competitive during times of recession.  Have you noticed over the past two years that stores have fewer employees during non peak hours?  If they are union they are not able to cut hours or benefits in order to weather the storm. 

But why let those pesky little facts get in the way. 

Also why do union bus rides always include lunch? 

Target You Can't Hide, We Can See Your Greedy Side.  Catchy.  Target has a very strong record of not only giving back to the community with profits it also is very diverse in hiring practices.  Again, pesky little facts.

1 comment:

Deekaman said...

Trespassing and disturbing the peace. Target should have had them arrested. If they do not respond with strength, they will lose.

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