Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Juan Williams Doesn't Believe that Ann Romney has had Struggles

Yeah, cuz living with MS and surviving breast cancer is easy.  Taking care of five young children was a piece of cake.  Money doesn't make your life easy.  Money doesn't give you happiness.  You may have more options then people without it, that is true, but everyone has problems.  Everyone has struggles.  Was Sunny Von Bulow happy?  Gloria Vanderbuilt had a very stormy childhood because of her parents.



LL said...

Ann Romney is a courageous AMERICAN woman who should be a role model.

She's everything that Michelle Obama isn't.

Soloman said...

Juan is beginning to have the derangement too. The entire MSNBC panel tonight was angry, mean spirited and rather delusional. They feel the tide turning and they are getting scared... I tweeted earlier the leftists are acting like a cornered cat.

I saw your 'hello' on Facebook... I'm doing well, thanks for asking.

I don't talk politics on Facebook at all, but I have started posting to my blog again. I am focusing on media bias mostly, because it is so overwhelmingly obvious they are Obama stenographers.

Opus #6 said...

Juan Williams reveals his own small-mindedness by downplaying Ann Romney's accomplishments.

I love it when the liberals implode!

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