Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kill Mitt Romney FaceBook Page

That's right, there is a Kill Mitt Romney Facebook page.  This page was posted on August 10th.  That is more than two weeks ago and it has yet to be removed from Facebook.  

What the heck is going on over there?  It has been reported and is still up.  The pages says specifically that this is a threat.  

This is a page advocating for the murder of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney
There is also a webpage listed:

He doesn't seem to like cops much either.  

Where the hell is secret service?  

I have zero use for President Obama, zero.  I abhor everything he stands for.  Never at anytime have I said anything remotely close to this.  Nor would I want anyone to harm the man.  Not only would be bad for our country, he is father and a husband.  I will do my talking at the ballot box on 11/6.  

This scum needs a nice talking to from the secret service, and a little jail time.  


The Conservative Lady said...

They only go after people like the Marine in this story:

LL said...

Since when would this administration view destruction of an opponent by whatever means to be 'wrong'?

Janie Lynn said...

Wow, this guy seems to dislike everyone, wants anyone he dislikes to die. Amazing.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

This, to me, is the most important difference between conservatives and leftists. We vote out people we don't agree with; they want them dead.

I'm with TCL, it is strange that a Marine gets whisked off and held for days without making even one SPECIFIC threat, yet this person is allowed to make actual death threats against a presidential candidate. Unreal.

David Johnston said...

Oh Fuzzy Slippers, you do know the Kill Obama page was up for more than a month before Facebook finally got around to shutting it down, right?

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