Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ann Romney GOP Convention Speech - Video

This was the speech of her life.  I thought she did wonderfully.  My regular readers are well aware that I really like her much more than her husband.  She comes across as very down to earth.  Her #1 goal had to be to humanize her husband, I thought she nailed it.  She has a grace about her.  She will make a great first lady.  This is a woman who has dedicated her life to charitable causes, her husband, and her family.  While they may not be the choices that every woman would make, there is nothing wrong with those choices.  They must have done something right, their sons have grown up to be productive, happy, and healthy adults.  

MSNBC's spin was out there.  That tells me that she did well.  Scroll down to see what Juan Williams has to say.  You will laugh and laugh.  


lady di said...

yes, you and I thought she was wonderful but will it really make a difference? Check out some of the mean talk on these Liberal blogs, they would rather see nothing change and are right there with the class warfare theme. You may not like what you hear from Mrs. Romney but do not make fun of someone who has 'survived' 40 plus years of marriage and raised five boys!

LL said...

Liberal curs, to include Matthews, Maddow and Williams don't get it. And they're obliged by their bias to hate anyone (rewind to Palin four short years ago) who is married, raises a family and strives to live an honorable life.

Their comments about Ann Romney are shameful to themselves and to the companies they work for, but it's nothing new and when Romney wins the presidency, you can expect the venom to flow. The mainstream media's stock in trade is the blatant lie.

The nation has been circumscribed and divided into two parts. You simply have to decide which part you fit into. At least we still have a choice.

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