Friday, August 17, 2012

Paul Ryan Rally, Springfield, VA - Updated with Video

It was quite the day.  Paul Ryan held a rally this afternoon in Springfield, VA, a burb of Washington, DC.  Iain's Wife and I decided to take in the festivities.  I felt bad because I kept seeing all this people I know and got distracted.  Sorry Iain's Wife if I was rude.  She was able to give an interview with some French paper or something.  I will let her tell you that story, it was kind of funny.

There were about 10 or so Obama supporters holding a protest rally, holding signs about Medicare of all things.  Yea, keep drinking that Kool-Aid.  Obamacare cut $700 B from Medicare and you are accusing Romney/Ryan of trying to destroy it?  Nice try.  At one point they were singing The National Anthem.  I thought this was behavior that should be encouraged, so I tried to join them for the last stanza.  I then congratulated them on knowing the words.  I then got back to my work of helping collect signatures for American for Prosperity.

We make it inside and find a comfy place to sit.  We were in high school gym and it just continued to get hotter and hotter.  It is a long wait if you want to get a half way decent place to hang out, but then it takes a few hours for them to show after that.

We did have a little excitement with what I believe was a Ron Paul fan, interrupting the speech with chants about the stimulus spending that Paul Ryan has done.  I can't imagine that would anger a Obamanut.  They have never found a spending project that they don't like.

It was nice day.  We heard from a bunch of local pols.   I am unable to download the pics into this post, but here is a link that you can go to.  Iain's Wife was nice enough to even circle the protester for you.

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