Friday, June 22, 2012

Nike Celebrates LeBron's First Ring - Video

I have taken "heat" for sticking up for LeBron's decision to go to Miami.  It paid off last night.  He would still be waiting for a championship (one that would never have come) had he stayed in Cleveland.  Cleveland was not willing to do what it takes to build a championship team.  They were nothing without Lebron, their record for the past two years proves that.  Basketball is a team sport. You can't win on your own.  Don't believe me, ask Jordan.  He himself will say he never would have accomplished what he did without the cast around him.  

Congrats to LeBron.  MVP, Finals MVP, and Champion.  

Yes, I am huge basketball fan, and no I am not a Heat fan.  I am a long-suffering Knicks fan.  

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