Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Liberal Logic - Laura Bush Gets Award Edition

Sewall-Belmont House, a museum dedicated to the advances of women, is giving former first lady, Laura Bush the Alice award.  The award is named after Alice Paul, a pioneer in assuring women obtained the right to vote.  

Sonia Pressman Fuentes, the co-founder of The National Organization of (liberal) Women is especially upset by this:

“When I read that the award was going to be given to Laura Bush, I felt as if I’d had a sudden onset of Alzheimer’s, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”
It’s not partisan I’m not complaining that she’s a Republican. I’m complaining that she’s never done anything for women to get this award.”
Really?  Laura Bush has never done anything for women.  Hmm, let's see what is listed on Wikipedia (Well known for their conservative bias/sarc): 

 Another of her signature issues were those relating to the health and well being of women. She established the Women's Health and Wellness Initiative and became involved with two major campaigns.Bush first became involved with The Heart Truth awareness campaign in 2003.[34] It is an organization established by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to raise awareness about heart disease in women, and how to prevent the condition.[35] She serves in the honorary position of ambassador for the program[34] leading the federal government's effort to give women a "wake up call" about the risk of heart disease.[34] She commented on the disease: "Like many women, I assumed heart disease was a man's disease and cancer was what we would fear the most. Yet heart disease kills more women in our country than all forms of cancer combined. When it comes to heart disease, education, prevention, and even a little red dress can save lives."[34] She has undertaken a signature personal element of traveling around the country and talking to women at hospital and community events featuring the experiences of women who live, or had lived, with the condition.[34] This outreach was credited with saving the life of one woman who went to the hospital after experiencing symptoms of a heart attack.[34]Bush meets with women in the Pink Majilis in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to discuss cures for breast cancer in the Middle East, October 22, 2007
With her predecessor, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, Bush dedicated the First Ladies Red Dress Collection at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in May 2005. It is an exhibit containing red suits worn by former First Ladies Lady Bird JohnsonBetty FordRosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara BushHillary Clinton, and Laura Bush meant to raise awareness by highlighting America's first ladies.[36] She has participated in fashion shows displaying red dresses worn on celebrities as well.[37]Bush's mother, Jenna Welch, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 78. She endured surgery and currently has no further signs of cancer. Laura Bush has become a breast cancer activist on her mother's behalf[38] through her involvement in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She applauded the foundation's efforts in eliminating cancer and said, "A few short years ago, a diagnosis of breast cancer left little hope of recovery. But thanks to the work of the Komen Foundation... more women and men are beating breast cancer and beating the odds."[38] She used her position to gain international support for the foundation through the Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research of the Americas, an initiative that unites experts from the United States, BrazilCosta Rica and Mexico.[39]In November 2001, she became the first person other than a president to deliver the weekly presidential radio address. She used the opportunity to discuss the plight of women in Afghanistan during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, saying, "The brutal oppression of women is a central goal of the terrorists."[40] In May 2002, she made a speech to the people of Afghanistan through Radio Liberty, a radio station in PragueCzech Republic.

In August 2007, the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health (LWBIWH) was founded at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. This institute aims to integrate research, education and community outreach in a multidisciplinary approach to women’s health and has begun efforts to establish a multi-campus women's health institute in Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock and the Permian Basin.[41]A subsidiary of the center, the Jenna Welch Women’s Center, opened in Midland, Texas, on August 10, 2010, to deliver expert medical care to women and their families. Operating in partnership with the Laura Bush Institute, the Jenna Welch Center, named for Bush's mother, strives for excellence in research, education and community outreach.[42]
That darn sexist that has never done anything for women.  


Anonymous said...

Sonia's a bubblehead. Period. If you can find this on Laura, she can.

The Conservative Lady said...

They hate Laura Bush because she is the wife of President Bush...she is fair game to lie about and demean. The facts don't matter to liberals.

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