Thursday, May 3, 2012

And For the Stressed Out Toddlers in Your Life

Apparently Germany is having such problems with stressed out toddlers that the "experts" have come up with a solution; massages, foot bathes, and walking through the wet grass barefoot.  This is going to help the tots who are so worried about the recession.

Do toddlers even know the word recession?  I would think it isn't a commonly taught word to a three year old. But upon examining the needs for this program a little more closely they come up with this:

German health insurance schemes and the Kneipp Association fund the courses. Sylvia Gross, 49, said children being subjected to hectic timetables also increases their stress levels.
Ya think?  Dragging three-year-olds to one scheduled appointment to the next is very stressful to them.  They don't have the time to be kids.  You need to pay someone to walk barefoot through the grass with your kids?  If you don't have the time to do that with your children yourself, maybe that is the reason they feel so "stressed" out.  Just sayin'.  

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