Friday, August 12, 2011

York Questions Bachmann on Submissive Wives

Byron York is getting some jeers around the conservative blogosphere for his question of Michelle Bachmann.

(Sorry, this was the only video on You Tube that I could find of this and I am not being allowed to upload anything but You Tube Videos for some reason).

I actually think that this is a fair question.  Bachmann makes no secret of the fact that she is an Evangelical Lutheran.  She talks about her living her life by biblical principles.  Not everyone in this country understand what this means.  There are many misconceptions about what her faith is and a woman's role in it.  This question was not of bounds since this is a statement that she has made.  He asked her about her own words.  If she wants to be President of the United States her words matters.  One of the things that always bothered me about the treatment that Barack Obama received during his run for the presidency is that he wasn't asked about his own words and his own past actions.  Much of it was glossed over by the mainstream media.  Maybe he wouldn't have gotten elected has more people known what some of his words were.  Maybe more people wouldn't have the false impression that he is centrist.

These are questions that will be asked if she is the nominee, she may as well answer them now. 
As for one statement that I heard that Hillary would never have been asked this question, I can't imagine Hillary ever publically saying that she was submissive to her husband.  There is no comparision. 

York asked a fair question.  I have said before, language matters and this was the language that she herself used.  She needs to be held accountable for her words.  Simply because she is a woman and a conservative doesn't mean that she should get a pass on that.  All politicans need to be held accountable for what they say and what they believe. 

Good for Byron York for being willing to take the heat and ask tough questions. 

Her answer was brilliant by the way: 

“Marcus and I will be married 30 years coming this September. Submission means respect,” she said. “I respect my husband and he respects me as his wife. We respect each other and love each other. We have five wonderful children and 23 foster children, and I am very proud of him.”

I just heart Michele. 


The Griper said...

and the feminists holds that in contempt.

Kid said...

Photoshop and now jeopardy music over the audience booing the questioner, while Michele waited for it to die down.
Once again proof there is nothing the left won't do.

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