Monday, August 8, 2011

Quote of the Day - Bachmann Foster Child Edition

“I owe the Bachmanns everything." says an unnamed woman from Colorado, "They offered me the structure I needed and taught me how to figure out goals. They really encouraged me to figure out who I was rather than who I was becoming. I turned my life around one hundred and eighty degrees.”

One of the 23 foster children taken in by the Bachmann's over the years.

Sadly, this one comment won't stop the media and other news "sources" from violating federal law and going after these people and their families. I would venture to say that they are all adults now. One of the things that media is forgetting in trying to go after these people is that foster children in most cases have biological families that are troubled. Drugs, crime, abuse problems just to name a few. These families have the right to not have their dirty laundry aired so publicly, they are not running for office. The left just can't accept that Michele Bachmann is not the heartless woman that she is portrayed as. Obviously her and her husband, Marcus, care a great deal about at risk children and lived a life trying to help them in a real way. They are not just are not some government program to the Bachmann's. They rolled up their sleeves, opened their hearts and their homes to these kids. The Bachmann family tried to provide stability to children who more than likely had little to that point. They will be paid back by an overly aggressive media trying to violate federal law to talk to these families. A very sad commentary.

1 comment:

Kid said...

That clearly displays who the democrats are. Read-Don't care about anything or anyone.

The problem is many people support these tactics.

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