Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to my BFF

I didn't have the time to write a new one this year, so you are getting a hand-me-down from last year. But, the sentiment remains the same. I also want to say how much the strength you have shown during my illness means to me. Thank you. You are inching closer to the "Big One". Oh, my.

Another birthday has rolled around, and on this auspicious occasion I want to take the opportunity to not just say Happy Birthday, but also say thanks. I know that I didn't make the best of impressions that first morning that we met, but you didn't hold that against me.

You and I have shared a great deal over the years, and not all of it has been good. We have matured and watched either change and grow. You have taught me a great deal about patience; not one of my virtues, but it is one of yours.

You stood by me when I still trying to figure out how to rid myself of the demons and come to the realization that I deserved to be happy. You also helped me see that I could accept love into my life. Not an easy task!!!

You told me once that I have more passion in my pinkie than you did in your entire body. We never really talked about it after that, but it simply isn't true. I am just more in your face about it than you. Yours is just more quiet than mine. The proof of that is the relationship that you have with your children. They adore you. There are far too many people in the world that think the parentage has just to do with biology, and you are proof that is not true. I always doubted that, and because of you, I see that isn't true.

You know me so well. All of those oddities that I have that just make you laugh most of the time, like when I become fixated on one piece of dirt regardless of what else is around. You just make jokes about it and move on. You have put up with the tears too, even when they have been over the top, totally unneccessary and more than a tad messy.

You just shake your head when I have one too many comsopolitians and suddenly remember that I like to dance, even when sometimes the only music is in my head. I was thinking about the night I was twirling around in my favorite polka dotted skirt to the song American Pie. How you don't lose your patience is amazing to me.

You put with my passion for midnight swims, my nicotine addiction that drives you crazy, and all this political stuff that I have become almost obessed with since Obama won the nomination, you just take all in stride. Why do you put up with all this? Because you love me!!!

I just want to say how much I admire and respect you, and how grateful I am to have you in my life.

So, before the summer comes to end we need to go out for some veranda dining, we will crack open a good bottle of Malbec and just enjoy each other's company. We can go to Joe's and you can get your usual amusement while I eat one of my favorite desserts, peanut butter pie. I promise, it will be a political free (well, ok, almost) evening.

Happy Birthday to you, my best friend!!

I love you -

This is for you:

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