Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Tito - While You Came Up Short You Are Still a Winner to Me

To my friend Tito:

When the polls closed and the votes were counted they said you did not win. But, that is not what happened tonight. While you will not be moving onto the general election in November for a chance to serve in the Virginia State Senate, you were a winner tonight.

You were a winner because you were willing to go through the rigors of a campaign in order to serve. You were a winner because you and your wife Debbie used your own resources in part to fund that campaign. You were a winner because when other people told you that you couldn't, you did it anyway. You stood up to say "I am willing to serve" to make Virginia a better place to live. You stood up and said you were willing to be a citizen legislator, not to enrich yourself, but to serve others. You stood up. That is so much more than many others are willing to do; myself included.

I know that some things in this campaign has left you and Debbie a little frustrated. I also know that you learned some lessons on who can and cannot be trusted. But, you made some new friends. You also introduced all of us who worked on your campaign to some great people, who are just as dedicated as you are.

And to Kristen, you worked so hard on this campaign. You will go far in helping good solid conservatives getting elected to office. That I know for sure.

The numbers didn't go your way, but you a winner to me.

I was proud to make phone calls and go door knocking in Senate district 36 for you. To introduce Northern Virginians to "Tito the Builder", a good and principled man. I will be there if you decide to run again. You just tell me when and where and I will show up.

Like you said tonight, the campaign is over, and we put it behind us - it is now time to turn our attention to turning the Virginia Senate Red.

Debbie, Tito and Kristen - Friday night dinner is on me.   Now go and get some sleep!!!!

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