Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quote of the Day - Supermom Janis Keaveney Edition

"Our three-bedroom place was already overcrowded with her sisters Coco and Ritzy, her brother Tarot, Soya's boyfriend Jake and one of her sister's babies.

"Once the new baby comes the council will have to find us a place with four or five bedrooms.

"We've already started packing. Soya's very much against abortion and there was never any doubt she would keep her baby.

"I'm sure she'll make a wonderful mum and will teach her children discipline like I have."
UK Mom Janis on her 15 year old aspiring model daughter getting pregnant. 

But, oh it gets better:

Ex-school secretary Janis, who is now on benefits, claims she is a strict but understanding mum.

Soya was going to discos in Thornaby, Cleveland, from the age of seven, wearing make-up, mini dresses and revealing tops.

Janis said: "Soya is still only a girl and very immature in some ways, but I've always 100 per cent trusted her when she goes out with her friends.

"When she was 12 or 13 she went with some pals to an under-18s disco and told me about a contest they had to see who could kiss the most boys. I didn't see any harm in it. After all, it was only kissing."
After admitting that 17 year old boyfriend spends the night she says this:

"I know people might think I'm laying down the law after the horse has bolted, but Soya won't be sharing a bed with Jake under my roof until she's turned 16 in January.

"I'm very strict about that. I know they're very much in love but the law is the law.
Hand that lady the Mother of the Year Award!!!

But no, the riots in the London have nothing to do with a sense of entitlement by the people of the Britain, nothing at all.  She wants a bigger house because she lets her 15 year old daughter sleep with her boyfriend and lucky for her the pill failed!!

If you are not sufficiently horrified, The Other McCain has some other goodies for you. 

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